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The Packages

Here are little snippets of what each package includes.
Contact me for more specific details.

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Neat Stationery

Customizable Package

Partial Plan Package

Full Plan 

Day Of Package

I will...

-Make a timeline for planning

-Make a timeline for the event

-Make a checklist

-Send you the links to make appointments

You will...

-Come up with the budget

-Fill out the form

-Make appointments (This is if you need to meet with any vendors, want to walk through the venue, etc.)

For the rest of the to-dos you will start at a certain amount of money and for everything you don't want me to do you subtract the amount off the total. You need to have at least 3 assignments for me to do on the list I give you.

I do everything for you! If you have already done a few minor details we will take those off the total cost, but everything else is covered by the cost and I do it all for you :) The cost will also include meetings between us, me staying for your event, and setting up and cleaning up.

The Day of package is pretty simple...

I will deal with all the vendors coming in and out

I will welcome people

I will make sure everything is on timeline

I will set up and clean up

I will fill in for specific needs where you need me 

There are three options within this package.

1. You tell me what you need done and I will tell you a price. We will work on it till we can fit it in your budget :)

2. I give you a list and you choose half of the things on the list for me to do

3. I give you two options (a more budget friendly and a more splurg friendly) on different things I can do for you that help plan most of your event, but not all of it

How Far In Advance Do I Need To Book?


-4 months or more in advance comes with no extra charge

-There is a $300 charge if you book less than 4 months in advance

-I will not take a wedding without 2 months to plan at the very least


-4 weeks or more in advance comes with no extra charge

-There is a $50 charge if you book less than 4 weeks in advance

-I will not take an event without 2 weeks to plan at the very least

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